Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weather Interactive Notebook Foldables Galore!

Have I mentioned how much I am LOVING interactive notebooks this year!?  Especially our science notebook!  Last year was all about my Social Studies notebook and this year is all about science and I have to say that it has gone better than I anticipated.  Sometimes I use foldables and interactive notebooks from other sellers and sometimes we just create greatness in our notebooks ourselves.  Today I am sharing one of my favorites!  My BBB Jivey, from Ideas by Jivey, has an amazing Weather Interactive Notebook and Foldables pack that is perfect for our weather unit!
One of the things I love most about her pack is that my students could easily follow the directions on each foldable and put it in their notebook without any hand holding or step by step directions from me.
Then they can go back to their textbooks, or whatever other resources we are using, and fill in their foldable with all the important information we went over or will be going over.
There are five types of foldables: types of precipitation, types of clouds, water cycle, weather instruments, and weather fronts.  There is also an answer key included which was nice!  Even though I used my own resources, it was good to see what basics they should have written down.  I especially love this weather instruments foldable because it has the pictures of the tools already there for you!  my kids always want to draw the pictures from our labs so they don't forget what they look like and these would have been too difficult, so it was perfect!
The flaps give you just enough room to write down definitions or add pictures but they are not too big that they won't fit on your page.  Because the foldable are blank inside, it really gives you leeway to make the concept as simple or advanced as you want your kids to go.  Which was perfect for my ELL students and my kids who finished early or needed enrichment!
Some friends and I have teamed up with Educents for an amazing bundle of instant downloads for you and luckily you can find Jivey's Weather Interactive Notebook Foldables in there!

For a limited time it is $10.99 from Educents which is about 65% off!  It also includes these other great products so there is sure to things you love!

If you teach weather, or really any of these other topics, this bundle is a must for you!  As a fifth grade teacher in Florida, our students take the FCAT Science test this year and these resources have been so helpful!  Especially for our fair game knowledge from third and fourth grade!  I hope you enjoy and grab it while you can!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Chalkboard Fabric!!!

As you saw on my last post about the Academic Games, I have recently come upon the amazingness that is CHALKBOARD FABRIC!!!  I found it at Joann's Fabric in their Utility Fabric section.  it was only $4.99 a yard!  Just a heads up, it is a single side of fabric.  It's not folded over like normal fabric.  Still worth it in my opinion though!

When you buy the fabric you get a lovely direction sheet (thank goodness!).

In fact,  it is quite easy to use!  All you have to do is rub chalk all over the surface of the fabric, make sure to cover every inch.  I used the long side of the chalk and it took less than five minutes.  I used the large, fat chalk from Crayola.

Wipe it down with the cloth and you are ready to go!  You'll notice on the board below that the bottom looks a bit more crumply than the top.  That's because I hadn't bought enough fabric the first go around.  The first purchase the woman rolled it for me and on the second one (the bottom half) she folded it for me.  If you're OCD like me, DON'T GET IT FOLDED!

From here you can write anything you want and it wipes off very easily when you are ready for something new!  I can't wait until next year!  I have so many ideas for it but the one I am the most excited about is a display for student's work.  I was thinking about putting it in the hallway but since it does wipe off so easily I'm concerned about little hands wiping off all my messages.  So it might just go in the classroom!  Either way, I will be using it!  A LOT!  Here is a finished product for our Academic Games score board.

What are some different ways you would use chalkboard fabric in the classroom???

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Let the Academic Games Begin!

Our state testing is coming up next week and for the past couple weeks my students have been competing in the academic games!  Every year as we get closer to FCAT, the practice tests and drilling become so agonizing to the students that you can see their motivation dwindling and the slow downward slide begin, when what I really need is for them to be pumped for the next three weeks of testing!  So this year I had an idea...  A brilliant one, if I do say so myself ;o)  The Academic Games.

I introduced the academic games about a month ago to my class.  I told them that they would be competing in four categories: reading, math, science, and language arts.  The Magic Hat randomly picked our five groups and I explained the importance of working together.  You see, my class this year is very competitive as a whole and are not into the whole working as partners thing.  They would prefer to do it themselves, and this OCD-perfectionist gets that.  But some of my friends need help and just get it better when it comes from their peers (let's be honest, they need to know how to work with others to make it in this world, especially when they don't want to).  I explained that occasionally we would take scores from group work, partner work, and individual work.  So if one of your teammates if having trouble with author's purpose while you are in your group, you need to help them understand so when they are being scored as individuals they won't end up getting a low score for your team.  You haven't seen team work until you've seen my class after that light-bulb moment!

We created this bulletin board from chalkboard fabric to update our scores.  Yes... you read that right.  CHALK. BOARD. FABRIC.  My new best friend!  I will be posting all about it this week, so be on the lookout!  Here is a closer look at the board so you can see the writing.

We use a variety of materials for the academic games!  One that my kids love is the interactive game shows from Lakeshore Learning.  We have one for science, vocabulary, math, reading comprehension, and nonfiction.

We also use past FCAT passages, homework, ReadWorks passages, task cards and more.  On Monday they will have an "Egg-tastic Test-Prep" hunt for a last minute review of all the concepts!  I will do just about anything to get them motivated and keep them that way for this test that lasts three weeks this year?!

As in any type of competition there are awards to be won based on where you finished in your event.  I cut out these circles from sparkly scrapbook paper I found at Michael's and attached the awards list that they could choose from.  Nothing was over the top or something I would drop a lot of money on and the kids were okay with that.  They loved the list of prizes and are already gearing up for what they want to choose!  It's also nice because each person can pick what they want, it doesn't have to be a whole team agreement.

To say this was a motivational success is putting it lightly.  Not only are my kids still motivated after a month to take the FCAT, their scores lately are phenomenal!  I will without a doubt be doing this every year from here on out and HIGHLY recommend it or something like it for your class if you have state testing coming up.  That is why I am linking this up with one of my BBB's Joanne from Head Over Heels For Teaching for her Spark Student Motivation Saturday!

How do you motivate your students for the big test???

Happy weekend y'all!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Workshop Wednesday: Integrating Science into Reading

Today I'm linking up with one of my BBB's Jivey from Ideas by Jivey for her Workshop Wednesday!  Today is all about incorporating science into your reading block!

I'm cheating just a smidge here...  One of my favorite all time pieces of science literature to use in reading is not actually a trade book but is our SuperScience magazine from Scholastic.  I got a subscription this past year through DonorsChoose and it is one of the best things I ever got for my classroom.  I will definitely be buying it again for next year (and no, no one paid me to say that)!  It is a fabulous source of real-world science that pulls students in with their intriguing pictures, text features, and informational text and gives the teacher STEM & Common Core Connections, video links, games, graphic organizers and quizzes to help supplement the text.  Each month we get a new copy that comes with anywhere from 8-10 articles about different concepts. A MUST HAVE for every intermediate classroom!

The Reading Nook has a list of numerous science related children's books grouped by concepts.  When you choose which concept you would like, a collection of books that work for that category pop up!  The different categories are Oceans, Rainforest, Ecology, Simple Machines, Rocks, Human Body, Weather, Space, Food Chain, Animal & Life Cycle, and Plant & Life Cycle.  This is a definitely a resource you'll want to remember.  Here is just some of page one for space!

The Science Method Website is another website full of wonderful books to help you incorporate science into your reading block.  Downside: the titles are grouped in any way, but most of the titles are giveaways as to what subject it covers.  Upside: when you click on the title, you get a PDF of all the amazingness the book has to offer (readability level, observation, classification, science concepts, vocabulary, summary, comments, other books that are like that one and SO much more).  Click on the photo below to take you to this list of trade books.
I hope these resources help you incorporate more science literature into your reading block!  Head on over to Jivey's blog and check out what everyone else is reading!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tried It Tuesday: Human Body Lapbook

 Oh my gosh!  It has been soooo long but I finally feel like I'm back to my old blogging self again!  Do you ever get in those "funks" where you feel like you're not so sure about your choices in life?  For a better portion of this year I kept asking myself, "Is this really what teaching is all about now?"  I didn't like the route we were taking in our county.  Luckily I have great admin who are very supportive of their teachers but it's still hard sometimes when the powers that be want you to do something else.  Thankfully we have scaled back a little and are letting teachers do what they do best.  TEACH.   I'm happy to blog all about our new adventures now ;o)
I'm linking up with my girl Holly from Fourth Grade Flipper for Tried It Tuesday!  Again it has been a long time since I've done this (SORRY HOLLY!) but I have found something worth blogging for that I tried and wanted to let you in on it.
My friend Nick over at Sweet Rhyme and Pure Reason helped me out in a pinch when our unit on the Human Body came up.  Now let me tell you, teaching the human body to class of ten years olds that is dominated by the male gender is a scary undertaking, lol.  It wasn't really as bad as I thought it would be and my kiddos were GREAT!  So mature and full of thoughtful questions.  If you know me you know I can't ONLY use the textbook... It would make me twitch.  Nick sent over his Human Body Lapbook and my kids loved it!  It was a new twist on their interactive notebooks and they have already requested another one.

I'm going to start off by saying that there is way more in the pack than what I used!  Based on my state standards, I did not have to cover everything that Nick included but it was nice to have as extras or bonus in case my standards ever change again.  We started off by creating a KLEW chart and gluing it to the back of the file folder.  The students filled in what they already knew about the human body and as we went along in our unit, they filled this out more and more.
We used a variety of resources to find our information!  Our textbook was a big resource but we supplemented it with our leveled readers, Science Weekly, BrainPop and StudyJam videos, our interactive lessons and of course... Steve.
There is plenty of space inside each flap for your students to write all the information they collect.  Which was nice because I didn't get a thousand, "How much do we have to write?"  When they saw they still had a lot of room left to write, they researched more!
The lapbook contains flaps for the eleven human body systems, cells, and homeostasis.  It also has a table included that tells the students everything inside that organ system along with everything you need on how to assemble the lapbook!
For a limited time you can find the Human Body Lapbook along with eight other intermediate science activities included in this Science Bundle from Educents for only $10.99!

Check out these other amazing products included in the bundle!  

I promise you won't regret this purchase!  I have everything in this bundle and LOVE/USE it all!
Hop on over to Holly's blog to see what everyone else tried today!  Happy Tuesday y'all!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

SUPER SCIENCE! Just in time for the BIG test too!

Everyone knows that science is what you make it (as is teaching all the subjects really).  You can either let those kids read that textbook and call it a day, which is not bad - just not me, or if you are a multi-media kind of gal/guy like me, then you like to incorporate everything possible and watch their eyes light up with excitement!  I am BIG on our interactive notebook and we get our information for those from anywhere and everywhere we can.  Here are a few of my go to sources that I would highly recommend to any science teacher.
BrainPop and StudyJams are where it is at!  If you have not checked out these videos you are missing out.  BrainPop has knowledge-packed videos along with activities and quizzes that really help the students get a better understanding or background knowledge on a topic.  Thankfully, they also have videos for all the other subjects as well.  The bummer part is they do cost money, but in my humble opinion (as my teammate would say), it is TOTALLY worth it.
StudyJams is very similar in that it has knowledge-packed videos that are a few minutes long but they also have an interactive "Test Yourself" feature that my kids love.  The beauty of StudyJams is that it's free!  They only have videos for Math and Science though, but what a wealth of videos!
If you teach science in upper elementary or middle school or high school and have not checked out Mr. Parr, you are missing out!?  He is a definite go to when trying to differentiate for your learners in your classroom.  He writes songs about the different topics and units of study based on popular music that your kids can relate to.  He has over a 100 songs to choose from so go check him out!  This one on the Rock Cycle is one of my favorites!
Lakeshore sells these Science Activity Tubs for the different units and inside each tub is eight different labs with everything included to set up and get started!  We only have the Properties of Earth on in our class but it filled with wonderfulness!  If you have a chance to snag one, or DonorsChoose it, it is so worth the money!  A perfect way for kids to learn through experimenting of even just review.

 Science is just so fun to teach... I hope you share the love!  There are so many amazing resources out there, you just have to look for them!  Luckily, I have brought them to you :o)  Remember how I told you I was BIG into out interactive Science Notebook?  Well a few of my BBB's have totally come through for me when I needed material for them and we have teamed up with Educents for an amazing bundle of instant downloads for you!

There are two of my products included that will surely be loved by your students (mine did)!  

 Cooking with Science: Physical and Chemical Changes is just a down right fun way to apply science to the real-world.  Through an interactive read-aloud and a delicious lab where students make homemade butter and pancakes, your kiddos will be able to detect physical and chemical changes not only on their test but in their own kitchens as well!  Check out my blog post for more behind the scene pictures and details.

Both labs have a homemade recipe, directions, and lab sheet that integrates reading, math, science, and critical thinking skills!  Even today when I ask the kids what they love most about 5th grade so far...  Pancakes is always on top!

In conjunction with the labs,  I also have SCOOT! Physical and Chemical Changes in the bundle!  The cards range from easy to what I call "thinkers."  I don't like telling kids something is difficult because then a lot of them give up without ever trying.  These require the students to stop and THINK.  This is a perfect way to reinforce the skills and apply them all while moving around the room.
For a limited time it is $10.99 from Educents which is about 65% off!  It also includes these other great products so there is sure to be things you love!  

You can also take peek at some of the other products included in the bundle at any of the links below!
Have fun teaching everyone!